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Construction in Indian Country | Labor and Employment Issues

1.0 Standard CLE Credit 

A contractor embarking on a tribal project needs more than just an enforceable contract. They need to know the rules that govern labor and employment on the project—rules that sometimes differ significantly from those that apply elsewhere. We’ll cover federal labor and employment standards that apply to Indian Country work, the limits of state regulatory jurisdiction, and recent cases. 

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  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Tribal Law
  • Construction Law
Policing Indian Country | Recent Developments

1.5 Elimination of Bias

Criminal jurisdiction in Indian country has been referred to as a "maze" by scholars and practitioners, and its complexity has been shown to result in increased rates of violent crimes against Native people. This panel will discuss how recent Minnesota legislation, the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in U.S. v. Cooley, and other developments may produce better outcomes for Minnesota tribes and their members. The panelists will also offer additional suggestions for tribal, state, and federal reform.

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  • Tribal Law
  • Elimination of Bias
  • Appellate Practice
Protecting Tribal Resources | Legal and Forestry Management Strategies

1.0 Standard CLE Credit

The program will examine tribal forests, which are critical cultural and economic resources for Indigenous people. 18 million acres, nearly one-third of all reservation and trust land in the United States, is tribal forest land. Tribal forests implicate many important topics, including the protection and management of these vital resources, climate change, and complex legal frameworks.

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  • Environment and Natural Resources Law
  • Tribal Law