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Founded in 1883, the Minnesota State Bar Association is the oldest professional association for attorneys in Minnesota. For licensed attorneys in Minnesota, membership is voluntary. Membership is open to any attorney licensed to practice law in any state. Membership is also available to law students, paralegals, and law management associates.

Accommodations: The MSBA is committed to creating an inclusive environment in which all members can participate fully. Please contact us if there are reasonable accommodations that would allow you to participate more fully within the Minnesota State Bar Association.

What We're Doing

Resolution on Family Separation at U.S. Borders
The resolution, adopted by the Assembly on June 29, expresses concerns regarding recent federal immigration policies resulting in the separation of minor children from their parents. The resolution urges federal legislation to ensure the practice of separating families cannot be reinstated, and that arrangements be made for a safe and expedient way for separated children to be reunited with their parents. Minnesota Women Lawyers has signed onto the MSBA resolution.

Last call to be included in MSBA judicial poll (plebiscite)- deadline June 29

The MSBA will be conducting a plebiscite (poll) of the two statewide contested judicial races on the ballot. Michelle MacDonald is challenging Justice Margaret Chutich and Anthony L. Brown is running against Court of Appeals Judge Lucinda Jesson.  The MSBA has a long history of conducting a judicial poll of contested statewide races. For years, the plebiscite was automatically sent to all attorney members of the MSBA. However, due to declining participation, the MSBA decided in 2012 to send the poll only to members of those sections most likely to be familiar with the candidates. As a result, in 2012 and 2014 the poll was sent only to members of the Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, and Appellate Practice sections. The response rate increased three-fold when we took this action. In 2016, the MSBA Assembly voted to allow any individual member of the MSBA and any MSBA section to affirmatively opt-in to receiving the poll.


Please contact MSBA staff Nancy Mischel by June 29 if you wish to receive the poll. It is critical that we maintain a high participation rate in the plebiscite, so while we strongly encourage your involvement, please make certain you actually vote when you receive the poll. We need a high response rate for poll results to be meaningful.

The poll will be sent electronically on July 9. If we do not hear from you by June 29, we will assume you are not interested in participating in the judicial poll. However, if you belong to an MSBA section that affirmatively opts-in, you will still receive the poll even if you have not indicated interest.






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