Section and Committee Legislative Positions

Section and Committee Legislative Positions

Sections and Committees are authorized to take positions on their own behalf pursuant to Article 12.2 of the MSBA bylaws.  Legislative action of a section or committee shall remain valid for the duration of the legislative biennium in which it was adopted.


Section and committee positions for the 2019-2020 legislative biennium:

Tax Law Section:
Resolved that the Tax Law Section opposes language in Article 13 of the House Omnibus Tax Bill (HF2125) that allows the Department of Revenue to assess tax during a period when the taxpayer cannot file a claim for refund.

Resolved that the Tax Law Seciton proposes an a new law in Minn. Stat. Ch. 270C that would require the Minnesota Department of Revenue to treat Minnesota Tax Court decisions as binding on the Department of Revenue.

Family Law Section:
Resolved that the Family Law Section supports amendments that would (1) Ensure that parties can get temporary hearings for parenting time issues and accelerated temporary relief when access to a child or financial resources is being unreasonably denied; (2)Emphasize that the 25% statutory parenting time baseline is a floor not a ceiling, (3) Insert “parenting time” in two statutes to correct an oversight in recent family law legislation that had consensus stakeholder support, and to replace the outdated term “visitation” in the parenting time statute; and (4) Add a child’s mental health and safety to a court’s considerations in parenting time proceedings.