Priorities: 2023 Minnesota Legislative Session

1. Support adequate funding for the Minnesota judicial branch, legal aid and pro bono programs, and the public defender system.

2. Advance two tax-related positions affecting single member LLCs: Amending Minn. Stat. §297A.68 to ensure that contributions and distributions between beneficial owners and Single Member LLCs receive the same tax treatment given to other kinds of beneficial owners and their owned entities and expand Minn. Stat. §290.06 subd. 22(h) to permit Minnesota resident individuals who are the sole member of a federal-disregarded single member LLC to claim credits against their MN individual income tax for net income taxes imposed upon the SMLLC by another state.  . 

3.  Advance the MSBA position in support of a civil right to counsel for tenants in public housing eviction actions alleging breach of lease.

4. Advance a bill modifying Minn. Stat. §278.01 to simplify service requirements for property tax petitions.