2024 ADR Grant Application

Deadline: November 15, 2023

(Award for January 2024) 



The MSBA ADR Section’s mission is to advance and promote the fields of conflict management and dispute resolution; to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the field of ADR; to improve and elevate the practice and standards of ADR; and to educate practitioners, the bench, and the public regarding ADR in Minnesota.  The ADR Section has a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In the last five years, the Section has granted between $2,500 and $10,000 to nonprofit organizations to further the Section’s mission.  The amount of available funding for the 2024 Grants Program has not yet been determined, but it is likely to be approximately $5000.

An important part of the Section’s mission is its principal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goal of attracting, engaging, including, and developing members from backgrounds that are traditionally unrepresented and underrepresented in the ADR field and in the MSBA ADR Section.  To implement its principal DEI goal, the Section strives to connect with underrepresented groups from both visible and invisible diverse communities; create welcoming environments to bring inclusion into practice; and embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into educational programming in the ADR field.  In alignment with its DEI goals, the Section encourages grant applications for projects and organizations addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in ADR and community mediation work.

Additionally, in recognition of the barriers inherent in funding opportunities, the ADR Section invites applicants to consider applying either in writing OR through a Zoom Interview with the ADR Grant Committee.

Please see the links below for organizations with resources to assist with grant writing.

INSTRUCTIONS for Written applications   

  • Please type the answer to each question.
  • Submit completed, signed grant application electronically in pdf form.
  • The entire application should be no more than six (6) pages, including your answers (up to 5 pages) and the signature page at the end (1 page).
  • Only completed applications will be considered for funding.
  • The contact person for your organization should be available upon due notice to respond to any clarifying questions of Council Members while grant applications are being considered.
  • Organizations selected to receive grant funding must complete and submit two reports during the life of their grant: A mid-point report, due June 30, 2024, and a Final Report, due December 31, 2024.
  • The report forms will be provided to you upon notice of your grant award.Please note that by applying for a grant, your organization is agreeing to submit these two reports if selected for funding.



  • E-mail Completed and Signed Application to the MSBA ADR Section Manager, Yajaira Lansiquot, at
  • Put ADR Grant Application in the Subject of the E-mail.



    INSTRUCTIONS for Zoom Interview applications                                          

  • Please contact the MSBA ADR Section Manager, Yajaira Lansiquot, at with your request for a Zoom Interview.Yajaira or other MSBA staff will help you schedule a Zoom Interview with the Grant Committee.
  • Submit the signature page electronically.
  • The Grant Committee will discuss the questions in this application with you during your interview, so please be prepared to talk about your idea/program with the Committee.



Date: ____________________________          Amount of Request: $____________________________


Name of Organization: ______________________________________________________________________


Address:                                                                      Phone:



Contact Person and Title:                                E-mail Address:


Application Summary


In one paragraph, please summarize your grant request (emphasizing ADR activities that will take effect or be implemented in the grant year as a result of the grant).






Specific Questions


1) Describe your organization and its major services/activities (including geographic area of ADR services/activities).





2) Describe the project for which funding is requested including measurable goals and objectives for the project.  Please include the following in this response:


  a.      Minimum grant amount necessary to proceed regarding requested services/activities.


 b.      Indication as to whether grant amount will support a continued or new program.


 c.      A proposed budget with line items for use of the grant.





3) Describe how your proposal/project specifically furthers the mission/goals of the MSBA Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section, including the Section’s specific DEI goals as stated above.





4) List the plan and time schedule established to accomplish the goals and objectives stated in your response to Question 2 above.  The plan and time schedule must include regular reports and a timely submission of the final report to the Section Council showing progress and achievement of benchmark and final objectives and goals.  Strict compliance with these reporting requirements shall be a condition precedent to consideration of future Section grants.





5) If you have applied to other sources for funding for this project, list those sources and amounts of requests.  Indicate with an asterisk (*) those sources from which commitments have been received.





6) Describe future funding plans if you anticipate that this is going to be an ongoing project.





7) Please list any grants previously received from the ADR Section or Minnesota State Bar Foundation, giving dates when funding was received and amount(s).




8) Please list all private and public funding sources and grants in excess of $5,000.00 for the past two (2) years.





The grant application must be signed by an officer OR executive of the applicant organization.




__________________________________________________              _________________________________________

Signature and Printed Name                                        Official Title



All organizations cited herein as co-sponsors or participants of this grant request must sign to indicate their awareness of this proposal and willingness to participate in the activities described herein.


______________________________     ___________________      _______________________                  _______________
Name                                                 Title                                Organization                        Date

______________________________     ___________________      _______________________                  _______________
Name                                                 Title                                Organization                        Date


______________________________     ___________________      _______________________                  _______________
Name                                                 Title                                Organization                        Date

______________________________     ___________________      _______________________                  _______________
Name                                                 Title                                Organization                        Date


______________________________     ___________________      _______________________                  _______________
Name                                                 Title                                Organization                        Date

______________________________     ___________________      _______________________                  _______________
Name                                                 Title                                Organization                        Date