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Casetext makes innovative legal research tools for lawyers who take pride in doing their best work
At Casetext we believe that all attorneys should have access to quality legal research. So, we built an award-winning legal research platform that makes research faster and more accurate using advanced artificial intelligence. Then we priced our service so every attorney can afford it.

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Your MSBA membership provides you with free access to Fastcase, a premier online legal research service. Normally a $995 per member annual cost, this exclusive benefit provides members with unlimited access to one of the largest law libraries in the world, training webinars and tutorials, and live customer support from members of the Fastcase team. Fastcase includes transactional access to newspaper articles, federal court filings, and legal forms and to its industry-leading mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Among the most innovative legal research tools in the market, Fastcase has pioneered integrated citation analysis tools; Bad Law Bot, its big data-powered negative citation service; patented data visualization tools; and mobile sync.

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Indexed I/O

Indexed I/O

Indexed I/O makes lawyers work better, not harder. As a pioneer in on-demand eDiscovery, the company is singularly focused on bringing users advanced technologies to improve the way eDiscovery is managed. We are redefining the way lawyers use technology to manage electronic discovery. From one file to millions of files, Indexed I/O fits every case size (big and small) with ease, all while being cost-effective. Built from scratch in the cloud, the platform is fast, effective, and secure, making it the obvious choice for Electronic Discovery needs.

A true do-it-yourself platform, Indexed I/O typically has users up-and-running in a matter of minutes. From drag and drop interfaces to quick click searches, Indexed I/O’s eDiscovery solution allows users to focus on their data, not on the technology.

Indexed I/O’s “auto-scale” technology cuts traditional processing times from days to minutes while ensuring quick, accurate results every time. We ramp up when you need it, but scale down when you don’t, delivering unmatched search speeds and instant access to critical items you need for your case, when you need them.  Whether you have 1 gigabyte or 1 petabyte, we’ve got you covered.

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ROSS Intelligence

ROSS is legal research software that uses artificial intelligence to help thousands of U.S. lawyers work faster and smarter. With ROSS, you can find the most relevant law in seconds using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. ROSS is easy to learn and quick to master: no training or memorizing boolean search terms required. Just as important as its cutting edge technology, ROSS is affordable, free to try, and has flat pricing and simple month-to-month contracts starting at $89/month and going lower with annual subscriptions.

Sign up for a free 14 day trial (no credit card required) here, and if you do become a paying user use the discount code MinnesotaBar10 to receive 10% off the entire first year of your license as a member of the Minnessota State Bar Association.

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From law enforcement, to skip tracing, to the most powerful legal research software for law firms of all sizes, Tracers provides lightning-fast reports with deep insights at affordable prices. Tracers is the #1 trusted cloud-based investigative and data research software designed to help you find key pieces of information available only in public and private records.

Members receive: 10% discount on Tracers' search services and first $100 in searches is FREE!

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