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Logos and Standards

In order to increase public awareness of the designation MSBA Certified Legal Specialist as well as to assist them in identifying Certified Legal Specialists, the Legal Certification Boards ask specialists to state the complete name of the certifying body and to use the following language to identify themselves:

  • MSBA Certified [Civil Trial Law] [Criminal Law] [Labor and Employment Law] [Real Property Law] Specialist; or
  • MSBA Certified Specialist in [Civil Trial Law] [Criminal Law] [Labor and Employment Law] [Real Property Law]

A logo has been created that can be used instead of text by Certified Legal Specialists. Appropriate uses for the logo include stationery, business cards, print advertising, yellow pages ads, electronic media and other advertising media appropriate under the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct.

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  • To safeguard the public by setting guidelines governing the message they receive about Certified Legal Specialists.
  • To protect the integrity of the Certified Legal Specialist logo by ensuring uniformity and consistency in all uses.
  • To assist public awareness of the benefits of retaining Certified Legal Specialists for their legal work.
  • To recognize those attorneys who have become certified as specialists and to provide them with an additional benefit to their certification.

Terms of Use

The use of the logo is restricted to the MSBA for promotional and advertising purposes and to MSBA Certified Legal Specialists only.

MSBA Certified Legal Specialist is an attribute of the certified attorney only and not of his or her law firm. When using the logo, it must be clear to a reasonable person that the certification applies to an individual attorney. The identity of the certified attorney must be clearly indicated in connection with the logo. The MSBA Certified Legal Specialist logo may not be displayed in any way or manner that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a firm or other organization is certified by the MSBA.

The MSBA Legal Specialist Certification program does not charge a licensing fee for the use of the logo. However, the program reserves the right to change the terms of these guidelines. The program reserves the right to withdraw the right to use the logo at any time and for any reason.

Certified attorneys are permitted to use the MSBA logo only in accordance with the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct and these guidelines and only for so long as they remain certified. An attorney who is decertified for any reason, including his own choice, must immediately stop using the logo whether or not the program has made a specific request that he or she do so. Advertisements placed prior to receipt of notice of decertification or notice of suspension or withdrawal of right to use the logo need not be withdrawn but no such advertisement may be renewed after decertification or receipt of such notice. The attorney is responsible for any costs associated with ceasing use of the MSBA Certified Legal Specialist logo.

In order to preserve the accuracy of the MSBA Certified Legal Specialist logo, only a printed logo or electronic version provided by the MSBA may be used for reproduction purposes. The logo may be enlarged or reduced in size, but any other alteration of the logo is strictly prohibited. Any use of the logo must be in conformity with the purposes stated above.