2022 HCBA Bar Memorial

The virtual memorial session will be live-streamed here at 9am on Friday, April 22, 2022.
A recording will be available here after the event.

The Hennepin County Bar Memorial is a time-honored tradition, over 100 years, that honors and celebrates the lawyers and judges who passed away in the past year.

This annual special session of the Hennepin County District Court welcomes family members, colleagues, and friends to remember and recognize members of the profession who have gone before us.

Bar Memorial Booklet

To be Memorialized

Audrey Jean Babcock

Hon. M. Michael Baxter

Lee Bearmon

David Arthur Bieging

William Boyd "Bill" Brown

Jessica Clay

Peter Corcoran

John C. DeMoss

Robert Thomas "Bob" Dolan

Peter Dorsey

Mark Earl Douglass

John Justin Ellsworth

Jeanette Frederickson

Thomas P. Gallagher

Linda Gallant

Michael David Goldner

R. Bertram “Bert” Greener

Timothy Michael "Tim" Heaney

Jay Heffern

David Fulton Herr

Kingsley D. Holman

Amy Danielle Joyce

Irwin Ketroser

Leslie Jay "Les" Kraus

Hon. Richard "Sarge" H. Kyle

Thaddeus "Thad" Lightfoot

Charles R. "Charlie" Lloyd

Greer Lockhart

Richard “Dick” Mahoney

Gale R. Mellum

Robert D. "Bob" Miller

Walter Mondale

Joel A. Montpetit

Mark Myhra

Holly Jean Newman

Sherrill "Sherry" Oman

Curtis A. "Curt" Pearson

Norman "Norm" Perl

Felix Mayer Phillips

William M. "Bill" Pilgram

Louis "Lou" Reidenberg

Fred A. Reiter

David Gordon Roston

Stephen John "Steve" Rowley

Charles "Chuck" Rubenstein

Wayne "Butch" Salita

Alfred "Al" Sedgwick

Harold Haakon Sheff

Robert L. "Bob" Shutes

Jane Smith

Phillip Harden "Phil" Smith

Peter James Stiehm

William G. Swanson

David P. Swenson

Robert J. "Bob" Tansey

Orlin Dale Te Slaa

Dawn C. Van Tassel

Alan William Weinblatt

Prof. David Weissbrodt

Margaret "Marg" Zack

Lawrence Zelle

Please let us know of Hennepin County lawyers and judges who pass away. Contact Sabrina Sands at ssands@mnbars.org or 612-752-6615.

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