Hennepin County Bar Foundation. Est. 1968


Making a Difference in Hennepin County

The Fellows are licensed attorneys who have been admitted to a bar for at least five years and have shown strong commitment to increasing access to justice in Hennepin County.

Only 1% of HCBA members are nominated each year.
Honor and Recognition-
Fellows are an esteemed group of local attorneys, recognized by their peers, for dedication and commitment to increasing access to justice.
Making an Impact-
Fellows support programs that have significant impact in the community. 
Each year, the HCBF gives grants to local nonprofits that work to provide legal access and support to those in need. This year, the HCBF gave out 25 grants. 
Network Building-
Fellows are invited to exclusive events, such as a Bar Benefit pre-reception in March and Fellows breakfast in May.

Attorneys are invited to become Fellows by contributing $1,500 to the Hennepin County Bar Foundation over a five-year period. The HCBF board of directors also recruited 18 one-time Founding Fellows who each contribute $5,000 to the foundation over a five-year period.


Founding Fellows

Brooke Anthony
Hon. Regina Chu
Paul Floyd
Marlene S. Garvis
Roy S. Ginsburg
The Honorable Judge Martha Holton Dimick
Judge Bill Koch
Thaddeus R. Lightfoot
Vince Louwagie
Katherine L. MacKinnon
Andrew H. Mohring
Adine S. Momoh
William Z. Pentelovitch
Steven M. Pincus
F. Matthew Ralph
Hon. Mary Vasaly
Brandon Vaughn
Hon. Sarah West





Susan A. Aase, Esq.
Alecia Anderson
Creig Andreasen
Landon J. Ascheman
Jeff Baill
Lisa Lamm Bachman
Scott Benson
Theresa M. Bevilacqua
Danielle Bird
Michael P. Boulette
Arthur Boylan
Andrew Brantingham
Vija Brookshire
Kate Bruce
Elizabeth Sorenson Brotten
John Buchholz
Jonathan Bye
Judge Phil Carruthers
Carl Christensen
Janel Dressen
Joshua A. Dorothy
Skip Durocher
Samuel Edmunds
Daniel Ellerbrock
Douglas L. Elsass
Michael H. Fink
Terrence Fleming
Tom Fraser
Hon. Theodora Gaïtas
Michelle Grant
David Gregerson
Bob Gust
Aaron Hartman
Christopher Haugen
Jeffrey Hedlund
Valerie Herring
Kevin Hickey
Kevin D. Hofman
Susan M. Holden
Melissa Houghtaling
Kirstin D. Kanski
Phil Kaplan
Ben D. Kappelman
Steven C. Kerbaugh
Mary Knoblauch
Jason Lien
Bruce Little
Jim Long
Charlie Maier
Ryan McCarthy
Laurie Miller
Michael M. Miller
Kati Mohammad-Zadeh
Christopher Morris
Blake R. Nelson
Tom Nelson
Elliot Olsen
Cory D. Olson
Jennifer Olson
Clark D. Opdahl
Lee M. Orwig
Steven Phillips
Hon. David Piper
Mardell D. Presler, J.D.
Richard A. Primuth
Hon. Jay Quam
Roshan N. Rajkumar
Esteban A. Rivera
Brent Routman
Mike Rowe
Eric Ruzicka
Vanessa Rybicka
Gregory A. Sebald
Kathleen Sheehy
Eric R. Sherman
Hon. Kristin Siegesmund
Sandy Smalley-Fleming
Jon Strauss
Jayne Sykora
Craig W. Trepanier
Hon. Edward Wahl
William Wassweiler
Rob Williams
Hon. Angela Willms






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