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Hennepin County Bar Foundation. Est. 1968

The Hennepin County Bar Foundation operates on an annual grant-distribution cycle.

The 2020-2021 grant application is due by end of day Friday, March 5, 2021. We are offering the grant application as an online form, pdf, and word document. We encourage you to complete the application using the online form this year, as we will not offer the word or pdf options next year. 

Before applying, please read through our 2021 Grant Guidelines

2021 HCBF Grant Application:
Online Form
PDF -  HCBF Grant Application 2021
Word - 2021 HCBF Grant Application

Submitting the online form automatically sends your application materials to HCBF staff.
PDF or Word applications should be emailed to by Friday, March 5, 2021.

Questions regarding the HCBF's grant-making and application process should be directed to Amanda Idinge at or 612-752-6614.

2020 Recipients of HCBF Annual Grants

When you give to the Hennepin County Bar Foundation, your dollars are pooled with those of other HCBA members and organizations to support agencies/projects that promote access to justice in Hennepin County. This bar year, the HCBF gave away $277,250 in grants to nonprofits that work to provide legal access and support to those in need. 


Advocates logo CMYK
The Advocates for Human Rights
2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
Funds will support the Refugee and Immigrant Program, which allows detained immigrants to access legal advice catered to specific facts in their cases. The Program also provides representation to immigrant detainees in bond reduction hearings and in protection claims before the immigration court.

All Square Logo
2020 HCBF Grant: $2,500
This grant will help to fund the implementation of an expungement course and clinic for 30 formerly incarcerated individuals. 

Cancer Legal Care
Cancer Legal Care
2020 HCBF Grant: $2,500
This grant will fund a series of legal clinics for members of the African American Breast Cancer Alliance, which builds awareness, networking, resource, and support for black men and women impacted by breast cancer.

Childrens Law Center of Minnesota
Children's Law Center of Minnesota
2020 HCBF Grant: $5,500
Funds will be used to recruit, train, and support local volunteer attorneys in their work to provide abused and neglected youth with legal representation in the child welfare and foster care systems.

Civil Society Logo
2020 HCBF Grant: $10,000
This grant will allow Civil Society to continue to provide comprehensive victim-centered legal services to victims of human trafficking, sexual assault, child sex tourism, campus rape, stalking and cyber stalking with multiple programs.

Community Mediation & Restorative Services
Community Mediation and Restorative Services

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,500
Funds will be used to cover the cost of a full-time VISTA member to provide walk-in services for individuals and referrals to and from other tenants.

Conflict Resolution Center
Conflict Resolution Center

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,500
This grant will allow the CRC to recruit, train, and mentor four to six mediators from underrepresented communities and have them provide mediation services in the pre-eviction program and in Hennepin County Housing and Harassment Court, and facilitate restorative justice conferences.

Discapacitados Abriendose Caminos

2020 HCBF Grant: $10,000
Funds will allow DAC to continue problem solving in regards to accessing health care, mental health care, economic assistance, and special education advocacy in the intersection of immigration law and disability law.

Division of Indian Work

2020 HCBF Grant: $2,500
Funds will be used to support Division of Indian Work's legal advocacy program, which offers American-Indian victims of domestic abuse access to culturally-specific services, refers victims to culturally-competent services in the community, and provides victims with the advocacy and support needed to stay safe and address the violence.


2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
This year's grant will assist with funding time of a staff member fluent in Hmong to help staff HOME Line's tenant hotline and make presentations to new audience members.

ICWA Law Center Logo
2020 HCBF Grant: $7,500
This grant will help the ICWA Law Center continue to provide legal services to Native American families living in Hennepin County who have been impacted by the child protection system. 

Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
Funds will support ILCM's Detention Hotline, which allows detained clients, or those calling on their behalf, to call and speak with trained volunteers and provide brief advice, service, and/or screening for full service.

JustUs Health

2020 HCBF Grant: $7,500
Funds will go towards a proportion of the direct staff cost incurred in delivering legal services to LGBTQ persons of limited means in Hennepin County. 

LCL_logo_CMYK 2160 x 924
Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
The HCBF's grant to LCL supports staffing for client service and peer support engagement, education and outreach materials and efforts, and the ability to respond to the changing needs of the profession while maintaining LCL's core purpose of confidentially serving members of the Minnesota legal community.


2020 HCBF Grant: $7,500
Funds will be used to increase staff time to arrange free business law assistance from volunteer lawyers to low-income entrepreneurs, inventors, and small nonprofits in Minnesota.

LRC Letterhead Logo
Legal Rights Center

2020 HCBF Grant: $7,500
Funds will be used to provide low-income clients in Hennepin County with free legal representation, education and advocacy; prior to, or in preventing of criminal charging; after charges are filed; and after criminal records are imposed and causing problems.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program of Minnesota

2020 HCBF Grant: $2,500
HCBF funding will provide a loan repayment assistance award to an attorney serving low-income clients in Hennepin County.

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
Funding will support MACV's Vetlaw program, which ensures that low-income and homeless veterans can effectively use the civil legal system and overcome legal barriers to housing and employment.

Minnesota Elder Justice Center

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
Funds will support the work of the victim services staff who provide advocacy and legal representation to victims of elder abuse, including obtaining protection orders, substitute decision making, capacity, fiduciary responsibilities and more.

minnesota justice foundation logo
Minnesota Justice of Foundation

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
Funding will go directly towards staff time to recruit students, partner them with public interest attorneys to serve low-income and disadvantaged Minnesotans, provide training, and monitor their performance.

Wills for Heroes logo
Minnesota Wills for Heroes

2020 HCBF Grant: $2,000
Grant funds will be used to purchase new laptops for data entry, purchase ink, and pay for their malpractice policy.

Missions Inc. Program
Missions Inc.

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
Funds will be used to purchase domestic violence software and provide training and support for staff to adopt new systems and processes that create efficiencies and access to client records.

Seward Longfellow
Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice

2020 HCBF Grant: $5,000
This grant from the HCBF will support a Somali facilitator to participate in the process with Somali youth, continue capacity building at Little Earth housing, and offer continuing education opportunities for volunteers.

Sojourner Project

2020 HCBF Grant: $3,750
Funds will help maintain Sojourner's Community Legal Advocacy Program, which includes safety assessment and planning; legal advocacy in criminal and family court; preparation and filing of Protective Orders; providing information about legal processes; court accompaniment; and promotion of child safety and protection.


2020 HCBF Grant: $7,500
Funds from this grant will support the work of the Action Line - the only program in Minnesota that provides direct, free, and accurate information on all aspects of domestic and sexual violence related law - over the phone.

Tubman Logo
2020 HCBF Grant: $7,500
Funds will provide specialized legal services and expertise to Spanish-speaking victims of domestic violence and exploitation, creating greater access to culturally responsive legal remedies that provide safety and security.

VLN logo
Volunteer Lawyers Network

2020 HCBF Grant: $130,000
General operating funds to support stability of operations and flexibility in programming so VLN can respond quickly to changing and critical needs.

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