Licensing Terms for MSBA Real Property Forms

The Residential Real Estate Committee of the MSBA Real Property Section is responsible for the drafting, editing, and approval of MSBA Real Property Forms, which are designated by forms containing the prefix "RPF". The forms have been copyrighted to protect the integrity, content, and reliability of the forms and to aid practitioners with the standardization of the practice of residential real property law.

In using a MSBA Real Property Form, or RPF, the content of the form shall be maintained so that all of the published text remains visible even though it may be stricken. The lawyer responsible for preparing the form shall sign a certification, printed on the form, having substantially the following terms.

        I certify that none of the published text of this form has been deleted
        or altered except as indicated by strikeout or by additional text shown
        in a typeface different than the published form.

         name of lawyer or other preparer _________________________

         signature of lawyer or other preparer ______________________

In the alternative, if the preparer chooses to delete text without maintaining the content of the form, the preparer shall change the typeface of the font throughout the form and shall remove all references to the Minnesota State Bar Association throughout the form, including, but not limited to: the name and title of the form, the copyright, the form number, and the MSBA disclaimer.