Residential Real Estate Committee Forms

Real property forms (RPF) developed by the Residential Real Estate Committee of the 
MSBA's Real Property Law Section.

These forms are available at no cost to MSBA members as part of PracticeLaw.

Anyone else who would like access to these forms should use the form below to request (free) access to these documents.

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List of Available Forms

Financing Addendum for Conventional or Privately Insured Mortgage (RPF-02)
Financing Addendum for F.H.A. Insured Mortgage (RPF-03)
Financing Addendum for D.V.A. Guaranteed Mortgage (RPF-04)
Financing Addendum for Seller Mortgage (RPF-05)
Financing Addendum for Contract for Deed (RPF-06)
Financing Addendum for Assumption (RPF-07)
Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Wetlands, Shoreland and Flood Plain Disclosure (RPF-08)
Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Contingencies for Sale or Purchase of Other Home(s) (RPF-09)
Lead Paint Addendum for Housing Constructed Before 1978 (RPF-11)
Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Common Interest Community Property (RPF-12)
Minnesota Standard Residential Purchase Agreement and Contract for New Construction (RPF-13)
Disclosure of Sewage Treatment System (RPF-14)
Condition of the Property (RPF-15)
Addendum: Notice of Airport Zoning Regulations (RPF-15 Add)
Minnesota Common Interest Community Resale Disclosure Certificate (RPF-16)
Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Contingencies for Survey, Appraisal, Development Evaluation, and Archeological / Historical Survey (RPF-17)
Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Buyer's Home Inspection Contingency (RPF-18)
Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Title Issues (RPF-19)
Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Tenants and Parties in Possession (RPF-20)
Well Disclosure Statement (RPF-21)
Methamphetamine Disclosure Statement (RPF-22)
Minnesota Standard Residential Purchase Agreement: Fiduciary Seller (RPF-23)
Radon Disclosure (RPF-24)
Contract for Deed Disclosure (RPF-25)
Minnesota Vacant Lot Purchase Agreement - Single Dwelling (RPF-30)
Minnesota Vacant Land Purchase Agreement - Multiple Dwelling (RPF-31)
Minnesota Vacant Land Purchase Agreement - Residential Development Tract (RPF-32)
Agency Relationships in Real Estate Transactions (RPF-50)
Listing Contract (RPF-51)
Dual Agency Disclosure Addendum To Purchase Agreement (RPF-52)
Warranty Bill of Sale (RPF-90)
Contract for Repair, Replacement, Restoration, or Remodeling (RPF-91)
General Contract for New Construction (RPF-92)