10 Questions with Elizabeth Fors


Attorney Elizabeth Fors recently helped with passing a landmark survivorship bill in the Minnesota legislature. Here, Fors answers 10 questions for Hennepin Lawyer about her prior career as a TV sports producer, the real-life experiences that helped her in law school, and her love of dogs.

1. You recently helped get a landmark “Survivorship” bill passed in the Minnesota Legislature, could you explain why this legislation is important? 

The amended Minnesota statute §573.01 allows for an individual’s FULL damages to survive their death. Before the bill passed, if an individual brought a claim alleging medical malpractice and then died from an unrelated cause, the claim died with the individual. Now, the individual’s claims survive; their family can continue the claims, receive justice for their loved one’s pain and suffering, and hold the wrongdoers accountable. Minnesota was the last state to enact a survivorship bill. The Minnesota Association for Justice worked for over ten years to change the law.  

2. Why did you focus your law practice on medical malpractice? 

After I obtained my paralegal certificate, I worked for a solo practitioner who does medical malpractice and personal injury. I connected with our clients and wanted to help each of them obtain justice. Every case was unique – you learned the medicine and tried to solve the puzzle. It just clicked for me. The only reason I went to law school was to be a medical malpractice trial lawyer.  

3. Your previous career was as a TV sports producer, what made you want to change careers and go to law school?

Law school was always a dream of mine, but was it realistic?  Before taking on law school debt, especially having paid off my undergraduate loans, I needed confirmation that I liked the law! So, I went to paralegal school to test the theory. Turns out, I really enjoyed it. 

4. What advice do you have for someone who decided to go to law school later in their career? 

Your real-life knowledge and experiences are an asset in law school and after graduation. But first, determine whether a law degree is a wise investment for you.  

5. What do you do to unwind/destress outside of work? 

For me, it’s daily walks with the dog and playing fetch or yelling at the TV during a game! But in all seriousness, it’s imperative to have a good therapist as a medical malpractice lawyer.  

6. What is something you wish other attorneys knew about your area of law? 

The most important thing to me is listening to my clients’ stories. Each one has endured pain, trauma, and loss. They all deserve an advocate fighting for them.  

7. What was the most memorable sporting moment you saw live in your career as a producer? 

I have two: Cal Ripken’s 3,000th hit at the Metrodome and the only MLB All-Star Game to end in a tie.  

8. What’s a memorable piece of professional advice you’ve received? 

There will never be another Joe DiMaggio. Basically, be your authentic self because you can’t be anyone else.   

9. You’re active in community service, what inspires you to give back?

I know that it’s important. It’s my small way of trying to make my community a better place.  

10. Finish this sentence: Everybody I know knows I love … 

Dogs. I will stop and pet dogs on the street. If you have a dog, please show me pictures!  

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