A New Chapter for the Hennepin Lawyer


The HCBA is a welcoming community of lawyers who advocate for the profession, foster access to justice, and provide members with support at every stage of their careers. The Hennepin Lawyer—the official publication of the HCBA—has been an integral part of carrying out that mission since its first issue was published in 1933.

Through the decades, the Hennepin Lawyer has changed its look many times, as well as its format, publication frequency, and distribution. HCBA members have always been open to change, recognizing that how communications content is delivered and digested is always evolving. Even with changes to its look and format, Hennepin Lawyer has remained a valued resource. Articles and features cover the local legal profession, provide updates on developments in the law, and recognize the diversity and accomplishments of bar members. Hennepin Lawyer provides a forum for attorneys to share their expertise, influence opinions, tell their stories, and provides a voice and vision for the profession.

Later this year, Hennepin Lawyer makes its next leap ahead with a significant change
to how you will receive content. This, our September/October issue, will be the last of our bimonthly printed issues. We will be transforming to a primarily digital delivery model, with Hennepin Lawyer features distributed to members via regular emails, social media updates, and made available online at The print version of the Hennepin Lawyer will continue, but will no longer be published on a bimonthly basis. Instead, we will create special annual editions, with the first of these planned for later in 2022.

As we launch the new digital Hennepin Lawyer the HCBA publications committee and association staff will work to 1) ensure you continue to receive the content you’ve come to expect and rely on; 2) provide content that responds to issues in the Hennepin County Bar in a timelier manner; and 3) introduce new features during the coming year to provide additional opportunities to highlight members and allow for more contributors. The new Hennepin Lawyer weekly edition will also incorporate the events calendar from the current HCBA e-newsletter (which will be discontinued). The revamped Hennepin Lawyer—in both its weekly digital edition and printed annual—will be the best way to stay informed and connected to the bar association.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on features and content. Additionally, if you are interested in being a part of the HCBA publications committee and helping shape, edit, and contribute to the newest version of the Hennepin Lawyer, please reach out to us. Send your comments and inquiries to at any time.

On behalf of the publications committee and association staff, thanks for your readership and contributions.

Hon. JaPaul Harris, THL Committee Chair
Megan Bowman, THL Committee Vice-Chair

Joseph Satter, Executive Editor
Nick Hansen, Managing Editor

Managing Editor
Elsa Cournoyer

Executive Editor

Joseph Satter