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Art, Literature and the Law

For the Art, Literature, and the Law issue, we wanted to highlight the creative side of our HCBA members. Why did we want to do this? 

First, as many lawyers know, the legal profession is fraught with issues like burnout, anxiety, and other serious mental illnesses. It’s well documented that engaging in creative activities like writing, painting, or playing music can improve your overall physical and mental health—even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. 

Second, creativity helps you become a better lawyer. In a blog post for Clio, “10 Things They Don’t Teach You In Law School (But Should)” author Jeena Cho discusses the importance of creative thinking as a lawyer. She spoke with Jack Pringle, a partner at the law firm Adams and Reese.

Good lawyering involves finding solutions to difficult problems. The solutions are not immediately apparent, especially in these times of rapid change. Creativity (implementing new ideas based on seeing problems clearly) is crucial for problem-solving lawyers.

Third, creativity helps create connections. We hope you can find a connection with your fellow attorneys in the following pages, or you get inspired to take up your own creative practice.  

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