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The MSBA aspires to bring together legal professionals from all different backgrounds. Your information will help us benchmark our progress toward building a diverse and inclusive Bar Association. Your data will remain confidential. 

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There is no such thing as the "average lawyer."

Demographic Data Collection

Why does the MSBA Collect Demographic Data about its Members?

The MSBA recognizes the power of diversity of persons, viewpoints, beliefs, and human understanding and believes that fostering sustainable diversity throughout the Association will bolster its continued efforts to provide innovative solutions and cutting edge programming for all lawyers in Minnesota. Paying attention to demographic data will help the MSBA to identify and respond to demographic changes, to better understand members’ interests and needs, and become a stronger voice for the legal profession by attracting more members through services that meet their needs. 

Confidentiality of Demographic Data

Demographic data is used to prepare aggregate statistics about diversity in MSBA membership.  It will not be used to identify individual members in any way and demographic data will not appear in MSBA online directories.  Only the MSBA database administrator has access to disaggregated demographic information.  The administrator produces aggregated reports for the MSBA, but no other staff person can view raw demographic data.  It is MSBA’s policy to only display aggregated information via reports to any users and staff members. 

Minnesota Supreme Court Collects Demographic Data for Legal Profession

In January 2016 the Minnesota Supreme Court began collecting race/ethnicity information for attorneys during the lawyer registration process. The Minnesota Supreme Court has been collecting gender information for attorneys since the fall of 2011.

Access the current aggregated demographic data for MSBA Members who have self-reported their demographic information. 

(NOTE: no personally identifiable information is included in this report.)


Erikka Ryan

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion