Pro bono spotlight: The Reentry Justice Program

The MSBA is proud to partner with legal services organizations across Minnesota to encourage pro bono and to let you know about opportunities to volunteer your time. This month we are highlighting the Minnesota Collaborative Justice Project’s Reentry Justice Program, which focuses on the civil legal needs of formerly incarcerated individuals.

The civil legal needs initiative is dedicated to improving the experiences and outcomes of formerly incarcerated Minnesotans by working to reduce barriers and create productive pathways for these individuals. Driver’s license reinstatement is just one critical component for the formerly incarcerated, and volunteer attorneys play a critical role in helping to resolve this issue. Many reentering clients need to obtain a valid driver’s license, and some may need to resolve unpaid fines and fees to obtain the license. Helping these people is important work: Reliable transportation is integral to seeking and maintaining employment, and sustained employment is a key indicator for success in reentry. The approximate time commitment for a volunteer attorney is five to 10 hours per week, and a recorded training is available. Mentorship options are also available for each case. If you would like to volunteer or learn more, please email reentry@probonoinst.org.

This opportunity is posted on the MSBA’s recently introduced pro bono spotlight page. You can watch a short video and read more about volunteering with the Minnesota Collaborative Justice Project at www.mnbar.org/pro-bono-spotlight