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Connecting Greater Minnesota lawyers with job seekers

This past bar year, the Greater Minnesota Section Council has been focused on identifying and overcoming barriers that law students and metro attorneys face in choosing to practice in rural areas. One challenge section members felt they could face head-on was making connections for the individuals struggling to find opportunities. 

We are happy to introduce an easy-to-access, easy-to-use mapping tool for legal opportunities in rural Minnesota. At present, this tool will reside on the Greater MN Legal Opportunity Network Community at, where it is available for all MSBA members. The map can show a variety of available opportunities, including full-time work, part-time work, paid summer internships, mentoring, and firm buyout opportunities. It will also indicate whether those opportunities are hybrid, remote, or in-person, and whether benefits and housing options are available. The map will serve as a stand-alone web-based tool but also will be used at law school and other bar association events to highlight opportunities. The first event at which the tool was made available was a November 6 Meet the Market event at the U of M Law School. 

Do you have a legal opportunity to submit? You can share it via the survey link at

Special thanks to Greater Minnesota Section Council member Janna Borgheiinck of Wornson Goggins PC (New Prague) for her work on developing this tool. 

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