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The Big Trend in 2016: Adding Video to Your Website: Part 1

by Terrie Wheeler

As more and more lawyers are jumping into the web-based digital video movement, being the star of ones’ own video shoot can spark fear into the hearts of even the most fearless lawyers.  Consider the statistics:

  • One of the top four online marketing strategies for 2016 includes more interactive content to websites – including videos (Hinge Marketing, 8 Jan 16)
  • 80% of Internet users recall watching a video they saw online.  Of that number, 46% take action and make contact based on the video. (Video Brewery, Jan. 2016)
  • Over 60% of visitors to your website will watch a video before reading the same content (ReelLawyers, January 2016)

The jury is in: Adding video to your website will engage visitors and make it more likely that prospective clients and referral sources will call you. 

Should You Consider Adding Video To Your Website?

If the concept of adding videos to your website sounds compelling, but you are not convinced yet to take the video plunge, consider the following:

  • Are you confident about what differentiates you in the marketplace?
  • Do you know what services reflect your best and highest use as a lawyer?
  • Would you rather shoot a video versus writing website content?
  • Can you identify questions your current and prospective clients frequently ask you – those you have to repeat each time?
  • Do you spend a lot of time delivering “free consultations” to clients you don’t end up working with?
  • Are you engaging and articulate?

If you answered yes to more than three of the questions above, you should consider adding videos to your website. 

Why Don’t More Lawyers Use Videos?

Many of the lawyers I work with have seen videos on other websites that don’t look professional and/or make the lawyer look quirky or uncomfortable.  When I see this, it makes me think the lawyer did not work with a professional videographer, nor did they practice their responses prior to the video shoot. Having a reputable professional shoot your video ensures quality and avoids the typical pitfalls of videos. Practice makes perfect also applies to your video debut.

Tips for Creating Interesting and Informative Videos

Identify Questions – Create a list of questions that help convey why your clients hire you, your approach and philosophy, and what questions clients ask most frequently.

Give Your Videos a Theme — Your videos should fill a specific niche for potential clients and as such, should connect to one another. 

Hire a Pro – While digital technology has become more state-of-the-art, making it easy for novices to produce digital video, make the investment and work with a professional videographer.  The pros will ensure your videos have a news-quality appearance.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to create videos that grab your audience’s attention and how to market your videos once they’ve been produced!


Terrie Wheeler, MBC is the founder and president of Professional Services Marketing, LLC (PSM). Terrie has spent the last 25 years as an in-house marketing director, marketing consultant and marketing coach to lawyers and law firms. She currently serves as the volunteer Video Coach for the MSBA’s Video Shoot program for lawyers. If you have a marketing question, contact Terrie at, or via telephone at (320) 358-1000.

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