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Would you like to play a game?

by Joe Kaczrowski | Jul 28, 2015

Hollywood has long predicted futures where computers and intelligent systems have made humans obsolete or usurped decisions and actions previously requiring human input. The WOPR was able to predict an adversary's actions and execute a responsive battle plan. Are lawyers among those professions likely to be replaced by machines? NPR says there's a less than four percent chance that happens.

Legal analytics is a growing field, and systems like Lex Machina are offering lawyers new insight into litigation strategy. These intelligent systems utilize massive amounts of data to predict the outcome of motions. Through legal analytics, systems can even factor in the traits and behavior of specific participants, including lawyers.

As these systems become more advanced, will there come a point where the outcome of a matter will be predictable with a high level of certainty based only on the lawyers and judge assigned? Will lawyers go the way of Tom Smykowski and become unnecessary middlemen? Is the future of the justice system Tom Cruise receiving a red ball naming the victor?

Although robot overlords didn't make the cut, the MSBA Assembly recently considered a report from a task force on other challenges to the practice of law, which included several recommendations for the Association. MSBA leadership and staff are reviewing these recommendations and working hard to make sure the Association remains relevant to attorneys and helps them meet these challenges.

The Rules of Professional Conduct now include a reference to technology among the competency requirements. Last week Florida became the first state to include technology among the mandatory continuing education requirements. Whether to prepare for the coming apocalypse or to improve practice efficiency and customer service, lawyers have an ethical duty to keep abreast of changes in the practice of law, including the benefits and risks posed by various technologies.

If you're not quite ready to take down your shingle and break out your Jump-to-Conclusions Mat, this November the MSBA will be hosting an all-day event with several of its technology partners to explore some of the challenges and opportunities presented by new legal practice tools and systems. Watch for more information on this event, as well as about the tools and solutions offered by the MSBA and its partners.