George Floyd Resources


The Minnesota State Bar Association, Hennepin County Bar Association, and Ramsey County Bar Associations support the goals of equal access to justice and equal administration of public safety for all people. Members are encouraged to work toward the changes called for in this statement made following the killing of George Floyd, and to assist the community.  Below are resources for lawyers to educate themselves, to get involved, and to support change.

Please contact CEO Cheryl Dalby with questions or to share additional resources.

Provide Legal Services

  • LegalCORPS serves small businesses and nonprofits with free transactional business law services, largely through the services of pro bono attorneys. In partnership with Volunteer Lawyers Network, they will be launching an intake line for small business owners and nonprofits to request assistance. LegalCORPS will match clients with attorneys for either brief advice by phone or full legal representation. They anticipate that businesses and nonprofits will need assistance in the areas of insurance policy review and claims, contract review, landlord/tenant or other real estate issues, employee relations, financing issues, dissolution/bankruptcy/workout matters, and navigating the requirements of any state or federal assistance that might become available. Those interested in serving clients through LegalCORPS should complete this application. Once screened, they are eligible to be placed with clients and are covered by LegalCORPS' malpractice insurance policy. Contact Sarah Lewis, LegalCORPS Program Coordinator, at 651-583-5980 or with questions.
  • Legal Rights CenterMinnesota National Lawyers Guild and Minnesota Freedom Fund are working together to help people arrested for protesting. Contact the National Lawyers Guild at 612-444-2654 to volunteer.  

  • St. Thomas Law School Criminal Defense Clinic is seeking attorneys to provide supervision of law students representing individuals charged with some offenses while protesting. Call Rachel Moran at 651-962-4810 to volunteer.

Help the Community

Financial Donations

  • The Lake Street Council, a 501c3 organization, is raising money to help rebuild Lake Street, starting with direct support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve the neighborhood. Donate Here
  • Neighbors United Funding Collaborative is looking for donations to help small businesses and nonprofits rebuild. Donate here
  • African Economic Development Solutions has set up a Business Relief fund for the needs of local African businesses. 
  • Longfellow Community Council is raising money for the rebuilding of their community for food security, safety & security, and business restoration. 
  • NEON Business (Northside Economic Opportunity Network) is an organization that helps low-to-moderate income entrepreneurs in North Minneapolis.

Volunteer Your Time

Educate Yourself

  • Commentary: To my white friends and colleagues, here’s how to be an ally to the black community
  • CBS News video: How to be an "ally" to the black community
  • Ally Guide: Women of Color for Progress – Our guide to being an ally
  • Ally Guide: 5 initial ways you can be a better ally to people of color
  • Report: Sponsor Effect: Canada Executive Summary
  • Report: Police-Involved Deadly Force Encounters in Minnesota
  • Bias Worksheet: Understand How Bias Affects You
  • Bias Worksheet: Shield Against Bias Coming Your Way
  • Inclusion Guide: Cultivating Inclusion During Crisis, Including Working Remotely
  • Book: My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies

Support National Justice and Legal Reform

Black Lives Matter provides petitions to sign, numbers to call, places to support and donate, books to read and ways to learn more.