ADR Tip of the Month - April 2014

ADR Tip of the Month: April 2014

Mediation and facilitation skills overlap.  However, mediation and facilitation are different processes.  Facilitators do more than use their skills as meeting facilitators.  The facilitator provides process leadership & process expertise, including consulting and making process recommendations.   Unlike most mediations, the facilitation process is often a multi-step process and takes place over a longer period of time.  The process of facilitation builds parties' capacities to manage the current & future conflicts by building relationships and enhancing communication, in addition to helping people achieve their collective goals. 

This practice tip is drawn from the MSBA ADR Section's March 11, 2014 CLE, "Beyond Rule 114 - Managing Public Disputes," by Aimee Gourlay and Mariann Johnson.  Practice tip written by Aimee Gourlay.