International Business Law Section

Who We Are | Our Mission

  • To provide programs designed to improve the skills of the Minnesota lawyers who practice, and law students preparing for practice, in the international business law field.
  • To serve as a liaison with other sections of the Minnesota State Bar Association on the international business law aspects of professional standards, services, and activities.
  • To serve as a resource to business or civic organizations and to federal, state and local governmental bodies seeking general information or opinions on international business law issues.

What We Do | Section Benefits and Activities

  • Presents CLE programs s and serves as a forum for the discussion of current events and legal developments affecting global business.
  • Conducts the annual International Business Law Institute in conjunction with Minnesota CLE.
  • For the practitioner with a more extensive practice, the Section features not only a discussion of the legal issues but also business, tax, and cultural aspects of international business.
  •  Hold social events and networking opportunities (annual meeting dinner and holiday event) throughout the year.