In Minnesota, there are nearly 300 district court judges who preside over matters in ten judicial districts. While the Minnesota Rules of Court provide attorneys with significant information applicable to court proceedings, each judge may have his or her individual preferences with respect to motion practice and courtroom conduct.

In an effort to assist attorneys who may be appearing before a judge for the first time, the MSBA Civil Litigation Section Governing Council provided all district court judges with a brief survey. The responses that we received are organized on the right by judicial district and then alphabetically by judge’s name. We hope you find these responses to be helpful in your preparation for district court appearances.

For information about this project or to report an error in any judicial directory listing, contact Kara Haro, MSBA staff liaison to the Civil Litigation Section.

Sixth Judicial District Judges | Courtroom Preferences

Friday, Robert

District Court Judge

St. Louis County

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Contact with Chambers 

• Preferred method to contact chambers: Email.

• To whom may attorneys direct scheduling/logistical questions? Myself, court reporter, and court administration.

• To whom may attorneys direct substantive questions? By motion, or jointly (all counsel included) by email.