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Social Security Disability Law Newsletter - Fall 2016

by Geen Mui | Oct 31, 2016

E-Newsletter Editor:  Michael Persellin


PHQ’s, WHODAS and ME’s Analyze Mental Health Claims

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Time: 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM

Venue: President’s Room / MSBA Office

Remote Participation: Live webcast available.

Faculty/Trainer:  Linda Berberoglu, JD, PhD, ABPP, License Psych., Board Cert. Forensic Psych.

Program details to come. Lunch provided. 

CLE Credit:  1.0 Standard CLE credit | Event Code: TBD

This program is free to Social Security Disability Law Section Members.
MSBA Member but not a member of the Section:  $15.00
Non-MSBA Members:  $20.00
Law Students: Free
New Admittees (Attorneys Admitted to the MN Bar after January 1, 2015):  Free

Deadline to Register:  January 15, 2017 


March 21, 2017     CLE (To Be Announced)

May 16, 2017        CLE (To Be Announced)


In addition to formal section meetings, the section will hold roundtable discussion groups.  The “brown-bag” roundtables will give section members a place to meet with other SSD practitioners and discuss hot topics, new rules, share practice tips and ask questions. 

November 15, 2016 -  Brown Bag Discussion:  Minn. Stat. Sec. 144.292 – “The $10 Medical Records Statute”

February 21, 2017     TBD

April 18, 2017            TBD


No significant cases to report.


Having a strong medical source statement can make or break your case.  I recently had four video hearings in Marshall.  Three of the claims were extremely strong from my point of view.  The fourth one involved a younger individual with "only" mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  I had a strong mental medical source statement for that case.  Three of the four claims had onset date issues.  One client used 1988, when he injured his shoulders at work.  Prior to the hearing, we filed a written, amended onset to claimant’s 50th birthday.  Another client crossed the SGA threshold when she went back to work after exhausting her vacation and sick pay for her cancer treatments.  Another client had memory issues and no idea what to base her onset date on.

In the three strongest claims, the judge told the claimants he was going to grant benefits based on amended onset dates.  For the claimant with a bad memory, the judge and I explained the impact that changing her onset date would have.  The VE testified as to the judge’s first hypothetical that there was other work the claimant could do.  Then the judge went to the section of the medical source statement addressing claimant’s mental ability and aptitude to do unskilled work.  All of these were opined to be either "unable to meet competitive standards" or "no useful ability to function.”  (I use Thomas Bush's formatted source statements.)  Critically, the judge asked one question at a time.  For each one, the VE responded “no” to sustained employment.  Other judges pile everything into one hypothetical and then deny the claim based on the conclusion not to give weight to every single thing the treating source said.  The judge did not tell my client he was granting benefits.  However, he told her that if she was in danger of being evicted, contact me and he would issue his decision faster than the usual 6 to 8 weeks.  I assume this will also be a favorable decision.

I spoke with the Hearing Reporter after the hearings.  She said she sees this judge grant benefits at the hearing three time in a year, not three times in one week.  The Reporter said the difference was that I addressed the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and issues subjects regarding the onset dates at the beginning of the hearings.  She said that other attorneys bring up these subjects in closing argument.  The Reporter really appreciated how short the hearings were.  She told several of my clients how lucky they were to have an experienced attorney who got all the evidence in ahead of time and was really prepared, especially for this particular judge.

So, the practice tip is to be brave and admit the strengths and weaknesses of the claim up front.  Be sure your client knows these issues will arise and what the judge is most likely to do.

            - Thanks to Ardys Korstad, Korstad Law Office, Amboy, MN.


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SSA Office of Disability Adjudication and Review – Current Issues and Annual Meeting

May 23, 2017


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A Look at the Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Mental Health Disorders

March 21, 2017


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An Analysis of Mental Health Claims

January 17, 2017


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SSD Law Brown Bag / Roundtable Discussion: MN Statute: Section 144.292 Patients’ Rights and the $10 Medical Records Fee

November 15, 2016




Working with Non-citizens on Social Security Claims

October 18, 2016


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Samantha Clawson, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services 
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Gregg Nelson, Nelson Law Office
Michael Persellin, Mid-Minnesota Legal Assistance 
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