Advocacy for the Courts

The HCBA is committed to our nation's system of justice and the rule of law. We support the courts of Minnesota and the principle of equal justice for all. 

The HCBA advocates for:

  • a highly qualified and independent judiciary; 
  • equal access to justice for the people of Hennepin County; and
  • full public funding of the courts as a co-equal branch of government.

The HCBA's advocacy efforts are primarily focused on the needs of the Minnesota's Fourth Judicial District, which serves the geographic area of Hennepin County. The HCBA also partners with the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) to further broader advocacy efforts at the state level, and HCBA delegates to the American Bar Association General Assembly are engaged in policy development at advocacy at the national level.

Questions about HCBA's advocacy efforts? Contact HCBA CEO Cheryl Dalby at or 612-752-6600.

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