Statement from MSBA, HCBA, and RCBA Presidents on State vs. Derek Chauvin decision

The April 20th decision in State vs. Derek Chauvin was a pivotal moment. Not just here in Minnesota where the verdict was read, but around the nation and beyond. This week, we all witnessed our justice system working exactly as intended. The judge, prosecution team, defense counsel and jury in the Chauvin case all participated in the critical work of delivering justice, just as our democracy requires. We thank them for rising to the challenge of doing this difficult, agonizing work. At the same time, we realize that our community’s efforts to ensure equal justice for all are far from over. As lawyers in Minnesota, we recognize that these efforts must continue and pledge to work toward a justice system that is fair to all.

-- Dyan Ebert, Esteban Rivera, and Susan Buckley