Support funding for the judicial branch, public defenders, and civil legal services during the 2023 legislative session

During the current legislative session, the Minnesota Legislature will be setting a state budget for the upcoming fiscal biennium. As part of this work, lawmakers will be allocating funds for the judicial branch, public defenders, and civil legal services. 

  • Courts are a foundational aspect of our democracy, essential to securing the rule of law and ensuring public safety. 
  • Public defenders provide constitutionally-mandated representation for qualified defendants in felony and misdemeanor cases.
  • Civil legal services providers help poor and vulnerable Minnesotans access the justice system and protect their most basic human needs.

Minnesota is fortunate to have a well-respected justice system that enables Minnesotans to peacefully resolve their disputes and protect their rights, families, and businesses. But only an adequately funded justice system can perform those roles at the level Minnesotans expect and deserve.

Here's how you can help: 

  • Identify your state senator and representative here:
  • Click the "Contact" icon next to their names, which will bring you to their legislative webpages. 
  • Using the email addresses on their legislative webpages, send concise and respectful emails identifying yourself as a constituent and sharing your perspective on why it is important to fund courts, public defenders and civil legal services. Ask them to support increased funding. 
  • Alternatively, you can contact your elected officials' legislative assistants and ask them to arrange a meeting where you can share your support for the justice system in-person.
  • Please reach out to your legislators on or before "Justice Day at the Capitol," which is March 16. 

If you contact or meet with your senator or representative, please share who you communicated with and any other relevant information via email to

Thank you for supporting the justice system!