A Family Law Perspective on Navigating Individuals with Personality Disorders

As family law attorneys, the most common phrase from clients or potential clients is "My spouse is a narcissist or my spouse is (fill in the blank)." Most of the time, the client or potential client has only read an article online and they have developed their own diagnosis of their spouse’s behavior. We know as family law attorneys that what they are really saying is that their spouse may have an undiagnosed personality disorder. While personality disorders are identified in the DSM-5 under Category B, what do we as family law attorneys need to know about the individuals, who may or may not fall under this category, but still provide additional challenges when trying to reach a settlement of a family law matter?  Learn during this informative CLE the techniques for identifying and navigating those with atypical personalities in the context of family law matters.

This CLE is approved for credit through October 12, 2025.

Angela V. Lallemont | Attorney | Lallemont Law Office, LLC.

CLE Credits:
1.0 Standard CLE Credit approved | Event Code: 493562

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