The Impact of ChatGPT (and other AI) on the Practice of Law

We’ve all heard about it but have you thought through how it could impact your practice? Join our panel of experts as they discuss how ChatGPT can (and will) impact how lawyers practice from legal research to brief drafting to client communication. In addition, we will explore the ethical considerations of using AI in legal practice, including issues related to bias, transparency, and accountability. We will also discuss the potential impact of ChatGPT on the legal profession, including the potential for increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and new business models. Attendees walk away with a deeper understanding of ChatGPT's potential to transform the practice of law and the ethical considerations that arise when using AI in legal practice. They will also gain practical insights into how to incorporate ChatGPT into their own legal practice.

This CLE is approved for credit through May 4, 2025.

Nicole Black | Senior Director, SME, and External Education | MyCase
Professor Jonathan Choi | University of Minnesota Law School
Damien Riehl | VP of Litigation Workflow and Analytics Content | Fastcase
Professor Dan Schwarcz | University of Minnesota Law School

Pablo Arredondo | Co-founder and Chief Product Officer | Casetext

CLE Credits:
1.0 Standard CLE Credit approved | Event Code: 484954

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Non-MSBA Members:  $64.95



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