Mixed Modes | Promoting Effective Interplay of Mediation and Arbitration in Construction and Commercial Disputes

Construction and commercial practitioners regularly employ mediation and arbitration in the course of resolving disputes.  Although multi-step dispute resolution provisions are widely used, our experience suggests that often, other ways of “mixing modes” may often be more effective. In this highly interactive program, Prof. Tom Stipanowich, experienced JAMS arbitrator and mediator and long-time director of Pepperdine’s famed Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, will engage participants in a series of reality-based scenarios that explore key questions such as: When and how can early mediation be effective? How can arbitrators help “set the stage” for settlement?  When, if ever, might it be appropriate for a neutral to change hats in the course of resolving a dispute?  What new tools and insights have come out of the recent work of the Task Force on Mixed Mode Dispute Resolution?

This CLE is approved for credit through May 12, 2024.

Thomas Stipanowich | William H. Webster Scholar in Dispute Resolution and Professor of Law | Pepperdine Caruso School of Law | JAMS Arbitrator and Mediator

CLE Credits:
2.0 Standard CLE Credits | Event Code: 455636

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