IRS Voluntary Disclosure Options for U.S. Owners of a Foreign Business

A failure of a U.S. owner of a foreign business to properly comply with his U.S. international tax reporting obligations may result in the imposition of draconian IRS penalties.  In such situations, a timely utilization of one of the IRS offshore voluntary disclosure options may significantly reduce and even completely eliminate IRS penalties.

This CLE is intended to provide a plain-language overview for business lawyers of the most common IRS offshore voluntary disclosure options for individual U.S. owners of a foreign business.  The idea behind the CLE is to educate business lawyers about the existence and main concepts of this very important yet obscure area of U.S. international tax law and highlight the very important role business lawyers may play in their clients' ability to successfully use offshore voluntary disclosures.

This CLE is approved for credit through March 30, 2024.

The speaker, Eugene Sherayzen, Esq., is the founder and owner of  Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd., a law firm that specializes in IRS offshore voluntary disclosures as part of its U.S. international tax compliance practice.

CLE Credits:
1.5 Standard CLE Credits | Event Code: 448293

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