40 Real World Applications of Tech Competence

Tech is complicated, but times have changed and lawyers have a duty to understand the features and vulnerabilities of the systems that we all depend on. This program will take a broad ranging and dynamic look at the systems all around us and the new minimum tech-standards for a practicing attorney, and examine a lawyer’s ethical duties to be tech competent. Find out where lawyers have gotten into serious tech-trouble, and get straight-to-the-point tech advice, so you can stay ahead of the technology curve.  Audience members will receive a cyber-security self-audit checklist to identify tech vulnerabilities in their law practice.

The ethical rules that will be addressed in this program are:
MRPC 1.1 Competence
MRPC Rule 1.6 Confidentiality

This CLE is approved for credit through December 20, 2019.

Todd Scott, Minnesota Lawyer's Mutual
Todd is MLM’s VP of Risk Management and has been with Minnesota Lawyers Mutual since 1994. He has served as VP of Risk Management and Member Services for MLM since 2002, and previously worked as Attorney/Claims Representative for MLM, and also was the head of MLM’s technology subsidiary, Mutual Software. Todd is also an adjunct professor in the Legal Studies Department at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. As a consultant and educator, much of his duties include helping MLM’s policyholders select and implement software systems appropriate to their law practice. He is the lead program attorney for MLM’s practice management webcast CLE programs.

CLE Credits:

1.0 Ethics CLE Credits approved | Event Code: 250935

MSBA Members:  $29.95
Non-MSBA Members:  $64.95



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