YWCA Equity Challenge and Bar Association DEI Discussions

In conjunction with the YWCA’s 21-day equity challenge (https://www.ywcastpaul.org/racial-equity-challenge/), the MSBA, RCBA, and HCBA will be holding supplemental discussions, offered twice per week during the three weeks of the YWCA challenge (6/21, 6/28, 7/5).

Facilitated by Erikka Ryan (MSBA/RCBA/HCBA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director), these discussion/reflection/connection sessions provide opportunities for bar members to share experiences, meet accountability partners, and to talk about ways to implement the tools you are gaining from the equity challenge.

When you sign up for the YWCA challenge here, please put your bar association (RCBA, HCBA, MSBA 7th District, etc.) under the “Company/Organization” box in the registration.

Note: You must sign up for the YWCA challenge by June 20.

Then, select one of our supplemental sessions each week from the MSBA/HCBA/RCBA calendar.

Reach out to Erikka Ryan at eryan@mnbars.org with questions.