Senior Lawyers & Judges Section

Who We Are | Our Mission

The purpose of the Section shall be to further the Association's purpose and goals, including:
  • Service to the community and the legal profession by utilizing the extensive knowledge, experience, and wisdom of Section members to guide and serve for the common good;
  • Represent senior lawyers and judges in the Association and represent the Association to them;
  • Help shape the policies and priorities that affect senior lawyers and judges and the legal culture in which they function; and
  • Create a deliberative forum for the exchange and expression of senior lawyers’ and judges’ views and a voice to advocate those views.

Membership Eligibility

Enrollment in the Senior Lawyers and Judges Section is free of charge. All lawyers who have been admitted to practice before the Minnesota Supreme Court for 37 years or more or are over 62 years old are auto-enrolled in the Section. 

Section Benefits

The benefits of Section membership include:
  • Access to free CLEs relevant to your practice experience
  • Networking opportunities with your law colleagues through events and the communities forum