Fee Arbitration Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for attorneys to volunteer for the RCBA Fee Arbitration panel. Fee Arbitration is a free service provided by the RCBA and is a relatively fast and simple way to resolve a fee dispute between a client and an attorney.

Along with attorneys, we are also looking for non-attorneys to become members of the arbitration panel. If you happen to know any non-attorneys who might be interested in becoming a panel member, please send them our way. 

THE JOB OF THE PANEL MEMBERS: Panel members review all documents submitted by the parties. At the hearing, panel members listen to both sides and ask questions of both parties. The panel chair (attorney) contacts the petitioner, respondent, and non-attorney panel members to determine a hearing date. After the hearing, the panel discusses the testimony and decides what the fee award should be. The award form is signed by all of the panel members and turned in to the RCBA.

THE TIME REQUIRED TO VOLUNTEER: One or two times per year. Each hearing lasts 2-4 hours. Additional time is required to review documents prior to the hearing. 

WHY VOLUNTEER? Lighten the load of the courts and to give attorneys and clients a forum to inexpensively sort out their dispute; to give clients a place to be heard in the legal community. 

If you are interested, please contact Sabina Zeenat at szeenat@mnbars.org or 651-789-3752.