Meet RCBA Member Royee Vlodaver


Meet RCBA member Royee Vlodaver, longstanding co-chair of the RCBA Real Estate Section. In this Q&A session, Vlodaver discusses how he came to choose his practice area, some of the lessons he’s learned and advice he’s received throughout his career, and more.


Current Firm: Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC
Current RCBA leadership roles: Co-Chair of the Real Estate Section
Past RCBA leadership roles: Chair of Real Estate Section several terms in a row—too many to remember.
How did you get involved with the RCBA? Being a lifelong St. Paul resident, I became involved after attending a Real Estate Section CLE early on in my career. I believe Sharon Elmore encouraged me to get involved.
How did you choose your practice area? I was fortunate to have an opportunity to practice transactional work in the in-house division of a Fortune 50 corporation, and that type of work—Corporate, Commercial Real Estate, Contracts—fits my personality. Appreciating those areas of the law coupled with my enjoyment of learning the complexities of various business fields—medicine, utilities, procurement/manufacturing, technology, software and others— is how I have paved my path.
Who is your ideal client, if other members make a referral to you? I enjoy working with business minded people (small companies or large corporations) that want me to understand their business/legal needs and allow me the opportunity to handle their “deal”. Whether it is a Master Services Agreement, commercial real estate lease, license negotiation, or a general acquisition agreement, I am looking for a client who will appreciate candid advice and is receptive to collaborative pathways to achieve success. 
Best advice you’ve ever received? Although we often act as gatekeepers, attorneys should never be roadblocks. We need be problem solvers and counselors.
What’s one lesson from law school that stuck with you? And/or any advice you would give a law student? Challenges are a good thing. The practice of law is a marathon—work hard, think of all the issues, always pay close attention to details – and keep moving. 
Do you or have you had a mentor/mentee? What’s a key lesson this experience taught you? I have been incredibly fortunate to have several invaluable mentors and friends over the years. I have also learned that the real privilege is having mentees to pay it forward. It is a two-way street and sometimes the mentee becomes the mentor.
Practice/technology tips: favorite piece of tech you’ve been using? My Aftershokz Bone Conducting wireless headset.
A favorite gift item you’ve received or a gift you like to give others? Nothing is more meaningful than a thank you note a client sends after the successful completion of a project.
How do you unwind and add balance into your week? Balance is always an ongoing act, but I find that exercising daily and reading books with my three little girls is the best way to unwind and think about non-legal matters.
Favorite meal to eat out or prepare? While I eat salad daily, I am partial to a delicious deep dish Chicago style pizza. When not going out, I love throwing everything on the grill.
Any favorite vacation spots/getaways? Vacation? Any place I can be with my family. In particular my wife and I fell in love with Anna Maria Island.