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Goals for 2013-2014

1. Promote Public Service and Pro Bono
• Promote the model pro bono policy for public law offices and offer implementation suggestions that address the barriers to pro bono work.
• Provide information about pro bono opportunities to public lawyers.
• Sponsor at least two public service projects in which PLS members can participate.
• Examine ways to support legal and other services to low-income and disadvantaged persons in Minnesota.

2. Sponsor Continuing Legal Education
• Sponsor at least 12 credits of CLE on topics of interest to PLS members and notify Section members of others.
• Continue to keep the cost free or reasonable.
• Provide Ethics and Elimination of Bias CLEs on at least a 3-year cycle.

3. Enhance Public Law Section communications
• Enhance communication among PLS members by encouraging increased use of electronic communications (particularly outstate members).
• Publish newsletters and maintain the website with current information and resources; e.g., CLEs, pro bono and public service opportunities, etc.
• Improve communication between the PLS Executive Council and the committees.
• Provide publicity on law clerk employment opportunities.

4. Work toward the goal of eliminating bias and promoting diversity in the bar
• Implement mentorship opportunities.
• Provide quality Elimination of Bias CLE programs.
• Participate in minority recruitment conferences.

5. Provide recognition for public service
• Continue annual public attorney awards.
• Use the newsletter and other means to recognize public lawyers.

6. Work with the MSBA
• Work with the MSBA Membership Committee to increase the membership of the Public Law Section and increase participation in the MSBA.
• Work with local law schools to identify student members for the Public Law Section.
• Respond to issues presented to the MSBA that impact public policy and the practice of public law, including education on Judicial Independence.



Updated 08/14/2013


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