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Privacy Statement

The purpose of this policy statement is to outline how your contact data is used by the MSBA and how it is shared with others.

How We Use It
The Minnesota State Bar Association is a large member-driven organization that includes district bar associations, sections, committees, and programs. The MSBA collects and receives information on each of its members and uses this information for bar-related purposes.

How We Share It
MSBA online searchable directory
Members may choose to be excluded from the online directory or members may designate their preference for which address, email address, and/or phone/fax numbers they would like published.

The MSBA may post district bar officer information (name and preferred mailing address) on its website.

Sections and committees
In the interest of promoting their activities, section and committee bar leaders may use member data for section/committee purposes. Bar leaders may elect to use the published criteria that the MSBA follows for its online searchable directory or they may elect to use other criteria. They are not limited by this statement. However, concerns members may have regarding information contained in section or committee websites, which are linked to the MSBA’s principal website, should be reported to the MSBA. If data changes are needed to eliminate concerns, the necessary changes will be made as allowed by technology, and other privacy concerns will be reported to section or committee chairs.

Minnesota CLE (MCLE)
MCLE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MSBA and is not limited by the MSBA’s privacy statement; they decide how they are going to use member data. Members should contact MCLE if they want to receive information about its data use standards.

Mail list rental – non-dues revenue
The MSBA does not sell or rent members’ email addresses, phone numbers, or fax numbers.

The MSBA periodically rents its mail list (name and preferred mailing address) on a selective basis to qualified users as a non-dues source of revenue. Members are able to opt out of this service annually by checking the box noted on the annual dues statement or by contacting the MSBA at 612-333-1183 or 800-882-MSBA.

Other external requests
The MSBA reserves the right to disclose any information to law enforcement or other government officials as it feels necessary and appropriate.

The MSBA may use cookies (data that a web site can send to your browser, which may then be stored on your system) to enhance delivery of programs and services.