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Nominations to Outside Boards



Friday, June 28, 2013
9:00 a.m.

Minnesota CLE Conference Center


I.       Annual Meeting of the Minnesota State Bar Foundation
The members of the Assembly will convene as members of the Minnesota State Bar Foundation for the Foundation’s annual meeting to elect directors and transact other business that comes before the Foundation.

A.    Annual Report – Erin O’Toole-Tomczik, Chair

  • Election of Board Members.  The three-year terms of the following directors expire on June 30, 2013:  John Bultena, Ramsey County; Patrick Costello, Jackson County; Jill Prohofsky, Hennepin County; Pat Trask, Crow Wing County; and Erin O’Toole-Tomczik, Sherburne County. Mr. Bultena, Mr. Costello and Ms. Prohofsky are eligible and interested in serving an additional term.  Ms. Trask is not interested in serving an additional term.  Ms. O’Toole-Tomczik is not eligible to serve an additional term.  The Elections/Appointments Committee recommends the following candidates:

II.      Awards and Special Recognitions
A.    President’s Award
B.    Lifetime Achievement Award
C.   Recognition of Outgoing Assembly Members

III.     President’s Report

IV.    Treasurer’s Report

V.     Executive Director’s Report

VI.    Consent Calendar
Bylaw Article 4.9.3. -- Consent agenda. Recommendations by committees of the Assembly shall be placed on the consent agenda of the Assembly. Items on the consent agenda shall be enacted in one motion approved by the Assembly. There will not be separate discussion of items on the consent agenda unless a representative so requests. If any representative requests separate discussion, then the item will be removed from the consent agenda and considered by the Assembly as a separate agenda matter.
A.    Election of Richard Kyle, Jr. as President-elect; Michael Unger as Treasurer and Robin Wolpert as Secretary (Ms. Wolpert has been nominated by the Outstate Nominating Committee.)
B.    Approval of minutes of the April 25, 2013 meeting
C.   Action to approve the Recommendations of the President-Elect regarding 2013-14 Assembly Committees
D.    Action on the Recommendation of the President-Elect regarding the 2013-14 Assembly meeting schedule



Friday, September 20 – Bar Leader Conference


Friday, December 13

12:00 noon

Friday, April 18

12:00 noon

Thursday, June 26

9:00 a.m.

VII.   Elections/Appointments Committee – Dyan Ebert, Chair
A Report on the work of the Committee
B. Action to provide advice and consent on the President-Elect’s proposed slate of candidates for the Minnesota CLE Board of Directors

C. Election of members to serve as Assembly Representatives to the Council

VIII.  General Policy Committee – Eric Larson, Chair
A.    Report on the work of the Committee

IX.    Governance Committee –Sonia Miller-VanOort, Chair
A. Report on the work of the Committee
B. Action on the recommendation to amend Bylaw 4.11 regarding subcommittees of Assembly Committees

X.     Judiciary Committee – Mike Unger, Chair
A.    Report on the work of the Committee
B.    Action on the recommendation of the Committee regarding the MSBA position on judicial selection  (The Legislative Committee has also taken a position on this issue.)

XI.    Legislative Committee –Thad Lightfoot, Chair
A. Report of the Legislative Committee
B. Report on the Legislative Session –Bryan Lake, Government Relations Director

XII.   New Business

XIII.  Announcements
A.    Notice of nominations and elections to the following boards.  (The election of nominees will take place at the September meeting of the Assembly.  Members of the Assembly should encourage any qualified MSBA member who is interested in being nominated to submit a Qualifications & Interest Statement to the MSBA office before Friday, August 2, 2013.)

    • Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board — The terms of Richard Kyle, Jr., Ramsey, and Michael Unger, Hennepin County, expire on January 31, 2014.  Mr. Kyle and Mr. Unger have served two terms and are not eligible to serve an additional term.
    • State Board of Legal Certification – The term of Howard Bolter, Hennepin County, expires on January 1, 2014.  Mr. Bolter has served one term and is eligible to serve an additional term.
    • Southern Minnesota Legal Services Board – The term of Andrew Baese expires January 1, 2014.  Mr. Baese is eligible to serve an additional term.

XIV.  Adjournment