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The Paralegal Committee continues to look for ways to increase paralegal involvement and integration into the legal system. We have designed surveys for attorney and paralegal members, & continue to compile responses to each; both surveys are available through the committee's web page. We are looking for ways to educate attorneys on the proper utilization of paralegals, & plan to work with the Practice Management & Marketing Section on this next year.

For the year 2002-2003, to assist in improving access to justice, & alleviating some of the burden on the court system imposed by those appearing pro se, the committee hopes to be involved in the formation of a task force to look at possible paralegal regulation/certification/licensure &/or clarifications to the UPL statutes, in order to allow paralegals to assist with document/forms preparation (similar to the California system); will look at the exempt/non-exempt issue and the FLSA; & will continue exploring ways to increase paralegal involvement & integration.

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