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Section and Committee Legislative Positions

Sections and Committees are authorized to take positions on their own behalf pursuant to Article 12.2 of the MSBA bylaws.  Legislative action of a section or committee shall remain valid for the duration of the legislative biennium in which it was adopted.

Section and committee positions for the 2017-18 legislative biennium:

Construction Law Section: Resolved, that original jurisdiction should be granted to the State of Minnesota District Courts over any action seeking legal, equitable, or declaratory relief arising under or based upon an alleged violation of any Minnesota statute, regulation, ordinance, or law governing or regarding public procurement requirements, public procurement procedures, or the award of any public contract, regardless of whether any public entity involved or implicated in the action acted in a judicial or quasi-judicial capacity. 

Criminal Law Section: Supporting a revision of the DWI statute to create a separate search warrant procedure for blood and urine testing so that Minnesota statutes comply with recent US and Minnesota Supreme Court decisions.

Family Law Section: Supporting a bill relating to persons seeking custody or parenting time with a child where that person has been convicted of certain offenses, amending Minnesota Statutes 2016, section 518.179, subdivision 2, and section 631.52, subdivision 2, by adding the crime of domestic assault by strangulation pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 609.2247.

Tax Law Section: Supporting a revision of the effective date of Section 289A.37, Subd. 2, relating to “erroneous refunds,” as introduced in S.F. 45, to a prospective effective date instead of the proposed retroactive effective date. 
*Last Updated 2/23/17