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Legislative Committee

The legislative committee reviews legislative proposals and makes recommendations to the MSBA Assembly, and coordinates the lobbying efforts of the MSBA. Chart of Policy-Making Process

Legislative Proposal Form 2017-18 for use by Sections and Committees 

Capitol Connectionpublished weekly during the Minnesota legislative session (member log-in required)

Schedule Fall 2017

Sept. 29, 2017 9:30 a.m. Annual Legislative Preview meeting (The Legislative Committee convenes at 9:00 a.m. Sections, Committees and Uniform Law Commissioners join the committee at 9:30.)
Oct. 27, 2017: Section/Committee proposals due for consideration as MSBA positions
Nov. 20, 2017: Comments due from sections and committees on proposals
Nov. 28 & 29, 2017: Legislative Committee meets to consider proposals and session priorities

Charge of the Legislative Committee 

The MSBA President shall appoint a Legislative Committee including a chairperson and no more than 40 members in a manner consistent with MSBA Bylaws Section 4.11. The responsibilities of the Legislative Committee shall include: 

• Coordinate the legislative activities of the sections and committees. Sections and committees retain their authority as defined in the Bylaws to take positions in the name of the section or committee. However, in addition to reporting to the MSBA president, the section or committee must also give the chair of the Legislative Committee of the Assembly notice of legislative positions they are taking. 
The Legislative Committee will facilitate communication among sections and committees regarding legislative positions. Whenever there is a conflict between positions of sections or committees, the Legislative Committee is responsible for addressing the conflict. Conflicting positions should not go forward to the Legislature; rather the Legislative Committee should work to resolve the conflict. The Legislative Committee may prevent conflicting positions from going to the Legislature by placing the matter on the agenda of the Assembly or Council. 
• Provide advice to the Assembly and to the Council. The Legislative Committee shall review all matters related to legislation, whether such proposed legislation will be in the name of the MSBA or in the name of the section or committee, before they are considered by the Assembly. The Legislative Committee may develop a form for submission of recommendations to the Assembly and mandate the use of the form. The Legislative Committee shall give the Assembly an estimate of the amount of resources (in financial terms and/or personnel time) each legislative recommendation will require. The Legislative Committee shall also provide advice on legislative policy to the Council. 
The Legislative Committee is not authorized to take a legislative position in its own name or in the name of the MSBA. The Legislative Committee must submit its recommended positions to the Assembly or Council. 
• Develop grassroots activity. The Legislative Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a grassroots legislative contact network including a system of encouraging member involvement in legislative campaigns. 
• Oversee member communications. The Legislative Committee is responsible for overseeing the general communication of legislative information to members. 


Committee Chair

Gary Hansen 

Staff Liaison

Sherri Knuth
MSBA Access to Justice Director
(612) 278-6330