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Welcome to MSBA's Diversity & Inclusion 

MSBA's diversity department mission is to promote and advocate for the diversification and inclusion of historically underrepresented attorneys through out the organization and within all areas of the legal profession.

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council

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We are excited to share the MSBA’s 2016-2017 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan


Diversity and inclusion are inextricably linked to the MSBA’s continued efforts to offer innovative solutions and cutting edge programming for all lawyers in Minnesota.  The MSBA sees diversity and inclusion as opportunities to improve the resources we provide to our members and to find the answers and solutions that our members need as they practice law in the 21st century. 


We want to thank the inaugural members of the MSBA's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council for all their time and effort in identifying D & I priorities to focus our efforts for the upcoming year.  We also want to thank Judge Peter Reyes for his leadership and assistance in facilitating the Council’s strategic planning initiative over the past year. 

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