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Welcome to MSBA's Diversity & Inclusion 

MSBA's diversity department mission is to promote and advocate for the diversification and inclusion of historically underrepresented attorneys in all areas of the legal profession and our organization. To achieve this, the department advocates for equal opportunities in: employment, volunteerism, pay, leadership, professional development and advancement. We seek to start, continue or participate in the relevant diversity conversations-no matter how difficult or unpopular they may be. Our goal is to challenge and change the traditional norms of how diversity and inclusion is discussed, advanced, considered and instituted.

MSBA's diversity and inclusion efforts are led by its Director, Danielle Shelton Walczak. To learn more about her, click here.  

MSBA's Commitment to Diversity Statement and Plan.

MSBA is committed to advancing diversity. A 3 year strategic plan (2014-2017), also called the Commitment to Diversity Statement and Plan, is MSBA's strategy for increased diversification and inclusion within all areas of the   organization. It also outlines its commitment for concerted support of Minnesota's minority bar associations. To read the complete Plan, click here

Please feel free to share this plan with your personal and professional colleagues. Adapt it as necessary to your organization. 

Commitment to Diversity Statement and Plan Accountability and Transparency

  • In May 2014 the MSBA formally requested that the Minnesota Supreme Court collect self-identification data on the on-line attorney registration form. A report to the Court accompanied that request. To read the report and data collection recommendation click here
  • The MSBA has created a Writers and Speakers Bureau to provide diverse attorneys the opportunity to be considered for MSBA publication and CLE participation. To learn more and sign up for the Bureau go to our opportunities page.
  • ALL of MSBA's Certification Boards have agreed ask for self-identification data on its certification applications. This way MSBA and Certifications can know which underrepresented attorneys to target for this professional development opportunity. To learn more about the advantages of attorney certification, click here
  • The MSBA Director of Sections is working with 2014-15 section leadership to create diversity sections liaisons, in order to promote diversity and inclusion with the organization.

Find a New Job
We post available positions geared toward underrepresented attorneys every Friday. To visit the list of available professional opportunities click here to go to the hashtag and login to Facebook.  

Give Us Your Ideas!
Diversity & Inclusion is a team effort. If you have an idea on how we can promote diversity please let us know here. No idea is too ridiculous. 

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