January 2021

Colleague Corner: Meet Omni Kiecker

‘No one can fix anything working alone’


OMNI KIECKER is the owner of Kiecker Law Office, LLC. Her offices are located in Belle Plaine and Mankato. She prides herself on making the legal process as straightforward as possible. In 2019 she published a book, Financially Caring for your Disabled Child, that was rated as a #1 new release in practical guides for law at Amazon. More information can be found on her website www.kieckerlaw.com.  

Why did you go to law school? 

I have always been an overachiever. I left high school a year early to go post-secondary enrollment full time at Minnesota State University, Mankato. After four years, I graduated with a double major and a minor in business. I had a job waiting for me when I graduated, but I was only 20 years old. I was not certain that I was ready to enter the “real world” just yet. I signed up for the LSAT on campus and put it in the hands of fate, despite having a political science professor tell me I would never get into law school if I did not take his classes. I did well on the LSAT and received a scholarship to Hamline University School of Law. 

If you weren’t a lawyer, what do you think you’d be doing with your career?

I know that I would be helping others in some capacity. My joy in life is to see others smile and to take the stresses of daily life away and bring them happiness. I would most likely be president of a bank by now, but I would still enjoy my philanthropy projects. My eldest son has special needs and I work with several organizations to help with awareness and fundraising. I am certain I would be on the path to help even if I was not a lawyer. 

How did you come to choose a kind of hybrid metro/greater Minnesota practice? 

I would say that it chose me. I swore that when I left my hometown of 3,000 people I would never live in a small town. At almost 7,000 residents, Belle Plaine is the perfect size for my family. It lies between Mankato and the metro area. What makes my hybrid practice special is that I need to be, and am, willing to travel to meet with my clients. I am also willing to meet after hours when the clients are off work or when the kids are in bed. I offer that flexibility to meet the needs of my metro and greater Minnesota clients. If you must utilize PTO time to meet with me, you are paying me twice. 

What are the most important things you get out of your involvement with the bar association? 

The opportunity to meet and collaborate with other attorneys. While I am technically in Scott County, I relate well to the greater Minnesota population since that is where I grew up. There are many issues in greater Minnesota, ranging from succession planning to lack of technology. No one can fix anything alone but working together, through the bar association, we are able to draft legislation and pave the way for future attorneys.

I also enjoy getting the opportunity to meet and mentor future lawyers. All students have an idea of what being a lawyer might look like. I encourage them to find their path and show them how their practice of law can be more fulfilling than just billable hours.

What do you like to do when you are not working? 

I enjoy spending time with my husband, three kids, dog, cat, guinea pigs, dwarf rabbit, and tropical reef fish. Life is always busy, fun, and happy in our household. I am involved in my city’s planning and zoning board and my church’s endowment committee. The skills that I gained in law school are a great asset to these organizations.

I am also president-elect of the Minnesota State University-Mankato Alumni Association. I enjoy the opportunity to help engage others with their alma matter. It is not about the money; it is about the people, the connections, and the love of a college. 

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