Tubman, Civ Lit section team up

The MSBA Civil Litigation Section is pleased to announce that it’s sponsoring a new pro bono program in collaboration with Tubman, a multi-service organization that provides pro bono legal representation to low-income victims seeking orders for protection and harassment restraining orders in Hennepin, Ramsey, and Washington counties. The section is seeking to recruit volunteer lawyers, experienced and inexperienced, to team up to provide legal representation to Tubman clients. 

This program has been designed to achieve three goals:

  • Pro bono: Recruitment, training, assignment, and retention of volunteer attorneys to represent Tubman clients in OFP/HRO hearings. 
  • Mentorship: Pairing and connecting volunteer lawyers to mentor each other through their representation of Tubman clients. 
  • Civil litigation skill development: Volunteer lawyers will develop client counseling, trial preparation, negotiation, and trial skills through their representation of Tubman clients. 

The MSBA Civil Litigation Section will recruit volunteers, connect them with Tubman, and provide mentorship and skill development support. Tubman will provide training, assignment, and support for volunteer lawyers in their representation of Tubman clients. Our goal is to attain a cohort of volunteer lawyers, who will be paired together in mentorship teams, complete training, and begin representation of Tubman clients in late 2021.

Trained volunteers will receive representation opportunities periodically from Tubman. Typically, the representation is of short duration—often two weeks from assignment to the evidentiary hearing. Please join us for an online Safety Project Training session on Friday, October 29 from 8:00 am – 12:00 p.m. 3.75 Standard CLE credits will be offered; registration available through our CLE & Events calendar at www.mnbar.org/cle-events.