Real estate pro bono program

Are you a real estate attorney? Do you want to give back to the community? To provide pro bono services to the disadvantaged, either directly or by consulting with another lawyer? 

If so, this should interest you: The Real Property Law Section has partnered with Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid (MMLA) to pilot a project that will identify qualifying clients who have a real estate problem and who do not have the financial means to hire a lawyer. MMLA will perform the intake function for the program, which will include initial communication with the client, collecting basic information from the client, and providing that information to the Section. The Section will reach out to volunteer lawyers to determine who can handle the matter. 

Volunteers may sign up to take one or more matters or cases, and might provide brief phone advice, or brief service such as making phone calls or writing a letter, or take a matter or case on a full representation basis—which may mean mentoring or taking a matter or case through a closing or litigation. Volunteers may also sign up to mentor or be mentored on matters or cases, depending on experience. The goal is simply to help as many real estate clients as possible. Want to learn more? Contact Section member John Koneck (612-590-1011 or jkoneck@fredlaw.com).