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MDJA law clerks host FBA admission ceremony


On Tuesday, May 7, the Minnesota District Judges Association (MDJA) Law Clerk Committee hosted a law clerk admission ceremony to the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota. The ceremony created an opportunity for all current district and appellate court law clerks to gain admission to the local federal bar, which will open new doors for these clerks as they begin their career search and practice. The event was made possible by its host, Judge John Tunheim (senior United States District Court judge); its organizers, Judge Patrick Biren (1st District) and Judge Thom Gilligan (2nd District); and the MDJA Law Clerk Committee. The MDJA Law Clerk Committee and the MSBA Civil Litigation Section have recently developed similar programs together and anticipate cohosting additional events in the near future to enhance the law clerking experience. 

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