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Getting to know MSBA President Mike Unger (and MN Find a Lawyer)

by Joe Kaczrowski | Aug 03, 2015

Earlier this month Mike Unger succeeded new judicial appointee Richard Kyle as president of the MSBA. Mike has been profiled in Bench & Bar and Minnesota Lawyer, and been featured in a video at this year's MSBA Annual Convention. Additionally, like over 1200 other members, Mike has a MN Find a Lawyer profile. What else can we learn about our new MSBA president from his MN Find a Lawyer profile, and of the over 64,000 searches how many of those return Mike's profile?

Mike Unger MN Find a Lawyer profile

Mike's profile includes a photo, which, according to, means he is seventeen times more likely to be contacted by prospective clients. (Need a new headshot? Check out for upcoming opportunities to get a free digital headshot courtesy of the MSBA.)

Since January 1, people have searched for "Unger" profiles one hundred times.

There have been two hundred searches for the zip code 55402, or within a specified radius of that zip code. Additionally, there have been 1800 searches for "Minneapolis." Licensed attorneys in both of our neighboring states, Wisconsin and North Dakota, have been targeted about one hundred times each.

Practice areas? Personal Injury has been searched for 1500 times, and medical malpractice and litigation have each been the target of 350 searches.

MN Find a Lawyer has been searched five hundred times for Certified Civil Trial Specialists.

Finally, people have searched MN Find a Lawyer over four thousand times for attorneys who have indicated that they provide a free initial consultation.

Hopefully you know a little more about 2015-2016 MSBA President Mike Unger now, as well as how MN Find a Lawyer can help you reach more potential clients. MN Find a Lawyer is a free service of the Minnesota State Bar Association. Setting up your profile is quick and easy, and can even be done from your smartphone while on a road trip. With over 9,000 searches each month, this free member benefit is great way to strengthen your brand and grow your business.