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MN Find a Lawyer by the numbers

by Joe Kaczrowski | Jun 30, 2015

As discussed in recent practiceblawg posts, the MSBA launched two new member directories in January, MN Find a Lawyer and the MSBA Colleague Directory, and based in part on feedback from members is in the process of updating the directories to improve performance and functionality. With MN Find a Lawyer, over a thousand MSBA members have taken advantage of this free service, and the directory gets over 8,000 searches each month. But what other interesting facts and figures are available about the new MN Find a Lawyer?

Most of the attorneys listed in MN Find a Lawyer are Minnesota attorneys. However, MN Find a Lawyer is open to all attorney members of the MSBA and there are several out of state attorneys who have added their profile.

One in four of the attorneys listed in MN Find a Lawyer are from more than fifty miles away from Minneapolis. While a large number of attorneys are in the metro area, MN Find a Lawyer offers those searching for legal representation in outstate Minnesota the ability to choose from hundreds of MSBA members.

One in three attorneys listed in MN Find a Lawyer offer a free consultation to potential clients. Of the hundreds of attorneys offering a free consultation, one in five is located more than fifty miles away from Minneapolis.

Over one hundred MSBA Certified Specialists are listed in MN Find a Lawyer.  Fewer than three percent of all registered attorneys in Minnesota are certified specialists in their field; however, nine percent of the attorneys listed in MN Find a Lawyer are Certified Specialists in practice areas including Civil Trial, Criminal Law, Labor and Employment, and Real Property.

MN Find a Lawyer lets potential clients search for MSBA members by over fifty practice areas, including Mediation/Arbitration/ADR. One in ten attorneys listed in MN Find a Lawyer include ADR as one of their practice areas.

Like many people, the MSBA uses the metrics available in Google Analytics to review and analyze traffic to its site. However, the numbers above, and much more, are available to anyone interested through the public MN Find a Lawyer interface. MN Find a Lawyer offers MSBA members another way to reach more potential clients and offers those seeking legal representation a simple way to search over a thousand profiles using various combinations of search criteria.